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We are the Mu Chapter of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. located at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Kappa Phi Lambda is an Asian-interest sorority, not an Asian-exclusive sorority, grounded in sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity.

There are 26 sisters in our active house. With chapters and associate chapters across 25 universities and over 4000+ sisters, we have a strong presence across the globe.

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Our Pillars



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Cultural Diversity

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Why Kappas?


We understand that coming to college is a new and exciting experience! Kappas will not only become a support group to guide you through this chapter of your life, but what's better than creating unforgettable memories with sisters while being involved on campus through our service, philanthropy, and cultural events?



Joining Kappas connects you to a diverse and unique group of girls that all look to create everlasting bonds and friendships. We even have sisterhood chairs that create events for sisters to just hang out together and relax when we're not studying for our classes. Many of our sisters become each others' roommates, lifelong friends after graduation, and even each others' bridesmaids!



Being a part of Kappas is more than just joining a sorority. We believe that each of our sister's top priorities is their education and we motivate one another to do well in our academics. ΚΦΛ's values of giving back to the community will also provide opportunities for you to grow personally and professionally. Let Kappas become a resource for you to focus on causes you're passionate about and become part of a sisterhood that values women leadership.

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Sarah Park, President

It was never my intention to join Greek life, but it was one of my best decisions coming into college. I was a very introverted person and moving around the pinpoints of my childhood was hard to find a community for me. That really motivated me to go out of my comfort zone and actively stay in the waiting room of the zoom calls for rush. After my first interaction on zoom with the Sisters, I instantly felt a close bond the Sisters have with one another even through a screen. They were very welcoming and felt that they genuinely wanted to know me as a person. As a Sister, I’ve faced challenges that pushed me to become a better version of myself. Taking on leadership roles helped with my public speaking, advocacy for myself and others, confidence and responsibility, and taking ownership of my words and actions. Every day I am learning to become a better version of myself and Kappas give me the push and support. I have love for every one of my Sisters and I would not be the person I am today without them.


 Helen Liu, New Sister

In my upbringing, I lacked a sense of belonging with my own cultural identity, growing up in the Midwest and struggling to find a group with the same passion for embracing my culture. Coming to college, I was certain that I wanted to change that, so I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I've never felt so welcomed in a new environment until I went to KPL rush. The first moment of talking to every sister gave me certainty that KPL was the place for me to not only connect with different cultures but also grow socially and professionally and make irreplaceable friendships.

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Kristal Yee, Alumna

During recruitment, an older sister told me that the chapter motto was “empowered women, empower women.” As an alumna of Mu Chapter, I can wholeheartedly agree. Every sister has helped cultivate an environment that encourages and challenges everyone to be the best version of themselves. I took on leadership positions where I developed my planning, presentation, and advocacy skills; these opportunities has enhanced my professional life. As a sister, I became more confident, served the umass community, increased my cultural knowledge, and met some of my best friends. Sisters were the ones who lifted me up at my lowest and still are my biggest supporters. Without the love and support i received from Kappas, I would not be the person i am today.


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